Mabel and Reverend James Rush’s only child Jimmy was born with an intellectual disability. From the beginning, Mrs. Rush knew her beautiful baby was going to face many challenges in his life. With great love and patience, the Rushes took care of Jimmy at home for 22 years. His behavior changed and with great reluctance, Jimmy was admitted into the Central Virginia Training Center, an institution for people with profound disabilities.

Living in a large group setting was detrimental to Jimmy; he was unhappy and became seriously underweight. His condition worsened with the passing of his father. This situation prompted Mrs. Rush and other parents like her to start a housing program for people with challenges like Jimmy’s.

The first Rush Home was purchased for Jimmy in the early 90’s. Pictures of him smiling and happy in his new home were taken to Mrs. Rush, who was in the hospital gravely ill. After knowing that Jimmy would be safe and happy, Mabel passed away two days later. A mother’s love had worked miracles.

Jimmy had only two desires for a home – a basketball hoop and a yard. He now has both. Today he is healthy, happy, and able to do much more in his life. Jimmy and his housemate are assisted in various activities of daily living at a level consistent with their needs. Increased independence means an increased quality of life. Rush Homes wants to repeat this success story by providing more homes for people like Jimmy.