Rush Homes’ program has three, often overlapping aspects:

  • We provide affordable and accessible housing opportunities for people with disabilities who also have low incomes. Disabilities are wide ranging, including developmental disabilities, brain and spinal cord injuries, mental illness, mobility impairments, etc. And, about 65% of Rush Homes’ tenants have poverty level incomes.
  • We set aside some apartments for people who are homeless with disabilities. These tenants receive case management support from human service agencies through the Central Virginia Continuum of Care.
  • We promote tenant health and wellness through resident support on an individual and/or group basis through activities such as tenant input meetings, workshops including financial management and nutrition, and fun events such as light exercise, art, games, and potlucks. This is why Rush Homes calls ourselves an advocate landlord. While Rush Homes does act as an advocate landlord, we do not provide direct support services. Tenants live in their Rush Home independently.

Currently, Rush Homes owns and manages 71 apartments and houses. There are more than 500 people on our waiting list – the need is immense. We seek counsel from affordable housing professionals, focus groups of people with disabilities, current tenants, and area housing studies to better understand the needs of people with disabilities in the greater Lynchburg area in order to determine how best to provide housing.


Applicants must:

  • Have a permanent disability as documented by a physician
  • Meet low income guidelines as determined by HUD
  • Pass a background check, including a criminal records check and landlord reference check
  • Have services in place (if needed)

How to Apply

To be added to our waiting list, you may call our office at (434) 455-2120 and speak to our staff or fill out this online form. Please note that being added to our waiting list does not mean you are eligible for this program. You will need to meet the above eligibility guidelines to be approved. Once on our waiting list, we will send notice of each vacancy by mail to each person on our waiting list. If you are interested in the vacancy, you then request, receive, fill out, and return an application form to Rush Homes. Rush Homes does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, familial status, or elderliness.