What are the effects of poor, inadequate, and expensive housing on our Lynchburg community? A Children’s HealthWatch Study, “Unstable Housing Will Cost U.S. $111 Billion in Avoidable Healthcare Costs,” reveals one negative possibility: increased costs to our communities.

Rush Homes always considered ourselves “advocate landlords,” meaning that we worked to support tenant families, all with disabilities, in maintaining stable housing. Stable means not only affordable, consistent housing but also tenant families who are not in constant, relative crisis. Nearly two years ago, Rush Homes established our Residential Support Program coordinated by our Residential Support Coordinator, Morgan Holt. Morgan offers tenant families her knowledge of community resources, case management (on a tenant family voluntary basis as needed), and facilitated group activities in order to foster community and a sense of belonging. Eviction prevention is a major portion of her and our work.

William came to Rush Homes unable to easily care for himself. While William had rent subsidy through a housing choice voucher (administered by the Lynchburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority), necessary for him to pay his rent and avoid homelessness, he was on the edge of losing his subsidy. William could not see the letters from LRHA because he was nearly blind. Morgan’s service to William including reading his mail, making resource contacts, getting him back in the flow of regular eye appointments and, ultimately, cleaning support in his Rush Homes’ apartment, has helped him to stabilize. William no longer has to worry about eviction; he can now live to the best of his potential. 

Unstable housing indeed costs all of us in the Lynchburg area real money. Rush Homes is a solution. 

See the Children’s Health Watch study: http://nlihc.org/article/children-s-healthwatch-unstable-housing-will-cost-us-111-billion-avoidable-healthcare-costs?utm_source=NLIHC+All+Subscribers&utm_campaign=528bab1274-Memo_070918&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_e090383b5e-528bab1274-291704473&ct=t(Memo_070918)