Recently, I went to help a great group of volunteers with some yard work at one of our properties. I took my soon-to-be adopted 5 year-old son along with me. One of our tenants, a lovely woman I’ll call Susan, came out to speak with us while we worked. She offered my son a Popsicle and me some water, which we eagerly accepted on such a hot day. As we chatted, I learned that I had more in common with this tenant than our mutual connection to Rush Homes. She herself had two adopted children, and had personal experience being raised by someone other than her biological parents. On a later visit to finish the work we started that day, she offered her wisdom and a unique perspective on the process of adoption. I felt supported and embraced. This tenant takes great pride in her home, and is always telling us how thankful she is to be living with us. I am thankful that she was willing to share her experiences, along with those nice cool treats.