Are you a REALTOR®?

Rush Homes needs YOU!
Because Everybody Needs a Home.

Real estate agents provide housing opportunities for their clients,
just as Rush Homes provides affordable and accessible housing opportunities for people with permanent disabilities and low incomes.
Team Rush members are real estate agents who, like us, want the community in which we live and work to be the best it can be. Each member makes a gift for every house they sell. The member determines the amount. And what does Rush Homes do for Team Rush Members? 

  • Sends a hand-written note to your buyers acknowledging your support.
  • Recognizes members quarterly in the Real Estate Weekly section of The News and Advance, and our Newsletter.
  • Links a personal profile of each member on our website in addition to recognition in our newsletters, printed materials, and on social media.

Current Team Rush Members:

Tina Friar, REALTOR®
Forest, VA 24551
Phone: 434-660-6020



Lynne Creasy 
Blanks Properties, Inc.
Direct: 434-525-0336
Cell: 434-401-1394
Fax: 434-525-1098



Lit Blanks III
Blanks Properties, Inc.

Direct: 434-525-0336 x302
Fax: 434-525-1098




Lisa Robertson
Direct: 434-525-0336 x307
Cell: 434-944-3428
Fax: 434-525-1098