As the person who raises money for Rush Homes, I am always excited to tell people how the move to Rush Homes has been life-changing for so many of our tenants. I know our tenants feel that way, and there are a number who thank us every time they communicate with us. That is a great story to share with donors to illustrate what an impact a gift can have.

Last fall, right after our annual Dream Builder’s Luncheon, a tenant visited my office and dropped a grocery bag on my desk. It was full of change. This tenant said “after I heard you all say that every gift makes a difference, my wife and I decided we would fill this little plastic house we have with our change and when it gets full, we’ll bring it to you.” A day later a different tenant brought a paper bag to me and said almost the same thing.

The average Rush Homes tenant has an annual income of $10,000 or less. Having these people share part of that with us so that others can have an opportunity to live in a Rush Home is pretty amazing. There are so many lessons in humanity to be learned here. I am lucky to be a part of Rush Homes.