Housing for families with disabilities

Everybody needs a home. We make home happen.


The need for accessible & affordable housing in central Virginia is great.



The number of additional affordable homes needed in Lynchburg for renters with extremely low incomes. Families must make tough choices between rent, food, and healthcare.


The percentage of disability income (SSI) a family spends for a one-bedroom apartment at Fair Market Rent in Lynchburg. Families are unable to afford rent and other necessities resulting in instability.


The number of families on the Rush Homes waiting list in need of an affordable and/or accessible home. The need is great.


We provide affordable homes for people with both disabilities and low incomes.

An elderly, graying African American man is sitting in a comfortable chair with a smile on his face.

Everyone, regardless of income or disability, needs the opportunity to live in a safe and stable home that fosters dignity and independence. Rush Homes provides affordable homes that meet the needs of people with both disabilities and low incomes. Further, Rush Homes supports the independence of our tenant families and their ability to achieve their greatest potential. Stable housing empowers healthier families to live more fulfilling lives and creates a stronger community for everyone.

Thanks to you, we’re making an impact.


99 homes built

83 fully accessible for people with mobility impairments in the Lynchburg area


247 people served

directly through quality Rush Homes housing


$18 million

brought to our local Lynchburg community through affordable housing development

Success Stories


He has thrived in his own home... Rush Homes saved his life.
— Susan, Guardian of tenant
Today I can get around the apartment anytime I want. Together as a family the three of us [including Bashful, the cat] are most appreciative of this new life that we have today.
— David and Vicky
It’s comforting to know that there is an organization that will help those of us that need a hand to help us be independent.
— Tim

You can make the difference

Your support changes lives, especially for people with disabilities. Quality housing is the foundation on which stable lives are built and communities are strengthened. Make a difference – make a donation, volunteer, advocate for affordable housing.