About Us


Home. It’s more than a building.
It’s independence, stability, and dignity.

A woman, wheel chair bound, is sitting outside of her Rush Homes housing with her dog and potted roses.
Rush Homes staff, supporters, and tenants come together at an event.
Jeff Smith speaks in front of a crowd to raise awareness, funds, and community support for Rush Homes.

We embrace the many meanings of home through development of housing for people with both disabilities and low incomes. Housing instability is a reality for many area families, especially families with disabilities, struggling with declining incomes, increasing rents and a shortage of affordable homes. Locally, 5,000 families are headed by a person with a disability, most with low income. This financial strain leads to poor physical and mental health, eviction, and homelessness. When Rush Homes provides affordable and accessible housing, our tenant families become more stable.

As a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization, Rush Homes also offers residential support to help our tenant families improve their lives and avoid eviction. Our program helps our tenant families improve their social connections and life skills, leading to a better quality of life. As we all know, living in homes that meet our needs, including social needs, leads to positive benefits for all of us.

Rush Homes provides a boost to the local economy because our tenant families pay affordable rents and have more money to spend in the community. In addition, Rush Homes is an economic engine, generating over $18 million through housing development and property management since 2010.

Rush Homes is a Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development and City of Lynchburg certified Community Housing Development Organization. We are also a Virginia Housing Development Authority Certified Property Manager. All Rush Homes multi-family housing developments are EarthCraft Certified which means they are highly energy efficient, have better indoor air quality, and are more durable. Energy efficiency saves tenant families money by lowering their utility bills.

Our work opens doors and removes barriers to home for people with both disabilities and low incomes.

Our Mission and Vision


We envision communities in which everyone, regardless of income or disability, has a decent home that meets their needs and supports living to their greatest potential.


Rush Homes provides affordable housing opportunities for people with both disabilities and low incomes in the greater Lynchburg region.