Rush Homes is a non-profit, 501(c)3, organization that provides affordable and accessible rental housing opportunities to people with disabilities and low incomes in the greater Lynchburg region. Rush Homes saves the state of Virginia money annually by providing community-based housing options for adults with disabilities and helps to improve our community by becoming advocates for those who have little support.

There are a few things that make Rush Homes stand out from other housing options for people with disabilities in the greater Lynchburg area:

  • Permanent Residency– Once an applicant is approved for a Rush Home and moves into their new place of residence, that person has the opportunity for a lifetime home in which they will not need to fear another move or a drastic lifestyle change.

  • A Place to Call Your Own– Rush Homes does not require residents to live with housemates. However, a housemate of the resident’s choosing can help to decrease rent costs.

  • Concerned Advocate Landlord– Rush Homes acts as a concerned, advocate landlord and the resident pays an affordable rent. Residents and their families describe Rush Homes’ responsiveness and proactive approach to housing upkeep and maintenance as “excellent” and “dependable.”

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