Rush Homes is a non-profit, 501(c)3, organization that provides affordable and accessible rental housing opportunities to people with disabilities and low incomes in the greater Lynchburg region. Rush Homes saves the state of Virginia money annually by providing community-based housing options for those with disabilities and helps to improve our community by becoming advocates for those who have little support.

Rush Homes functions as a concerned, advocate landlord for our tenant families. Along with building and managing accessible housing, we also work to improve the lives of our tenant families and advocate for persons with disabilities. Rush Homes instituted a Resident Support Program in 2016. This program is focused on recognizing needs our tenant families may have beyond housing such as food insecurity or transportation needs and connecting them with resources to fill those needs. For our tenant families, participation in this program is entirely voluntary. Our resident support program also offers community activities and classes by connecting with local agencies and volunteers. In addition, Rush Homes engages in eviction prevention programs to help tenant families who may be struggling to pay rent or having other problems remain successful in housing that works for them. 

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