Rush Homes, a Virginia and City of Lynchburg certified Community Housing Development Organization, began in 1996 as The Mabel Rush Housing Foundation. Later renamed Rush Lifetime Homes, it was born of a mother’s love for her child. Mabel Rush simply wanted the best for her son, Jimmy, and sought to find a way to provide housing for people with developmental disabilities who did not fare well in institutional situations. Jimmy’s is a great success story, and was soon followed by others, feeding Rush Homes’ growing realization of the housing need for all people with disabilities and low incomes. More than two decades later, Rush Homes has grown to 99 homes. The creation of more affordable housing will also bring economic benefits to our communities.

Here is what we do:

  • Expand the pool of affordable housing for people with low incomes and disabilities through property development and partnership;
  • Serve as a concerned advocate landlord meaning that we work to support tenant’s improved health and well-being in a variety of ways;
  • Professionally maintain and manage our properties;
  • Connect our tenants, those on our waiting list, and all people with disabilities seeking housing, with resources to meet their housing needs;
  • Actively participate in local and state organizations to increase awareness of the need for housing and services for people with low incomes and disabilities;
  • Educate the community on the continuing need for affordable and/or accessible housing, as well as housing models that meet the need;
  • Operate in a fiscally sound manner, ensuring we have adequate funds to meet the needs of the community we serve.

The majority of Rush Homes’ housing meets a high standard of accessibility. We are experts in housing accessibility, having learned from the experience of people who need and currently live in accessible housing as well as through housing education and our own experience developing housing.

Housing development is only part of the story. Over and over, we witness the positive change to lives of people with disabilities that access to decent, affordable, and accessible housing brings.  In order to move the needle forward on meeting the growing housing need, Rush Homes is undertaking a Performance Challenge that will ultimately result in additional staff capacity to accomplish our vision:

“Communities in which everyone, regardless of income or disability, has a decent home that meets their needs and supports living to their greatest potential.”